Fairies Fantasies DIY is our blog

Who’s blog? Well, this is the blog of Fairy TAIL Fibers. We are a Dutch DIY fashion designer and yarnmaker (Fairy Godmother Marieke working with her partner in life and crime: Ilja). Fairy TAIL wants to show the way to a more sustainable way of life. A more creative way of life. Fairy TAIL started of with fashion: from spinning wool to upcycling old clothes and blankets. Now we are even venturing into the world of furniture.

The blog items are about our DIY projects, our wins and our losses. In Pictures, words and video’s.


  • to show you we also learn
  • to show how easy it is to create and live a more purposeful life.
  • to inspire
  • to find like minded souls and co create
  • to spread a bit of that fairy dust, you know? ‘Cause we can!
  • to find different ways to look at my own work and build my selfesteem
  • to find people who want to buy my stuff and patterns and other thingies

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