Dyeing Wool Sustainably

To dye wool, usually a lot of toxic chemicals are used, as wel as plastic foil and a lot of energy. This way of dyeing is not sustainable and not in lign with our mission to supply people of good alternatives to fast fashion.

The newest Techniques

So, we developed techniques that use as little energy as possible, no toxic chemicals at all and no plastic foil at all. All our wool dye Recipes use one or more of these techniques.

Like our Solar Dye technique: using the sunlight to warm the wool to set the colours.

This is our “Solar Dye Oven” Please replicate when you want to: It’s an airthight plastic container, nothing more! Placed in the bright sun it dyes the wool in about 2 hours.

Why Food colouring?

We use only food colouring, safe in Europe, so really safe (in USA food colours are permitted that are not permitted in Europe, because here we only use additives that are proven safe, as in the USA all additives are permitted unless they are proven unsafe, big difference!) We don’t use plants to colour our wool because:

  1. dyeing with plants makes use of other chemicals we rather not use
  2. our art studio is actually in nature, all our “waste water” is used as plant water and this is not possible when we use plants to dye
  3. the results vary too much and we can’t guarantee the same results over and over again, and thus write Recipes.

DIY this yourself!

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