black wool

In a lot of our Spinning batts and handspun wool black wool is used. Of black sheep. Naturally black wool, not dyed. Why do we choose to use black wool and why we think more people should.


In the industry, black wool is not used. In some cases black fibers are bleached into white fibers. This is more efficient during the dyeing proces off course. If the yarn is supposed to be black, it will be dyed chemically into a flat black colour.

That’s such a waste!

Black wool of black sheep is so much more shiny and beautifull as is, please use it!


Black wool of naturally black sheep has a slightly thicker fiber than the naturally white counterpart. Still, its almost as soft as the same wool of the same breed.

I particularly love black wool of a black shetland lamb. That’s the black wool I use in all batts.

Now you know why we use black wool. And why you should use more!

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