Art Batts out of the Rumplestitchkin 2.0 collection are made with the inspiration of the Fairy Tale about Rumplestitchkin, the character who spun gold from straw. We took it to another level. We spin Gold, Silver and Pearl out of the softest mulesingfree wool!

In the colour Silver we use grey wool of grey Corriedale sheep and other naturally grey wools. Some Angelina is added to make this batt a truely sparkling silver batt. 

Pearl contains bamboo and sea cell fibers and some silk to make the shine. 

Gold is made with dyed merino and Blue Faced Leicester sheep wool. And in December 2020 there will be another variant: Gold Alpaca. This one will be made with naturally golden Alpaca wool. 


50-60 grams of pure luxury fibers carded to an art batt. Yarns spun from these batts resemble the names of the batts.


The first in the new collection: Rumpelstiltskin 2.0 is called Pearl.

Pearl is made with:

Merino, Bamboo, BFL, Silk, Angelina in different colors and some firestar.

Pearl is made to resemble pearls. This super soft art batt makes for a great yarn. Not only super soft, sparkly but also quite strong.

The Art Batt Pearl looks superb with Glitterthread Pearl, Space Blue, and Mermaids


Silver is made with the wools of naturally black and grey sheep. The wool of Corriedale, Shetland and many more breeds, also bamboo and Silk were used. This special blend is topped of with some Angelina fibers that already look like silver. Read more about our Natural Black wool use, why we use it and how.>

Silver can be combined with the Glitterthread, For example: Silver, Diamond and Rainbow look super pretty.


Gold is made with dyed wool. The wool is dyed in our solar oven: non toxic, Co2 neutral and plastic and waste free. This technique is explained in full in this blogitem>

The dyed wool is blended with naturally grey wool in a blend of 12 breeds, and some Angelina is added.

Gold can be combined with the Glitterthread Gold , Unicorn and Bronze.

Gold Limited Ed. Alpaca Blend

Gold will be available in a special new blend with naturally golden Alpaca wool. This blend will be available in December 2020.

Fairy TAIL Fibers are FAIR Fibers
* Sustainable and Animal Friendly
* Still a little magical (glitter!)
* Mulesingfree
* Fair Price for Farmers
* Handdyed Wool is:
   * Dyed in our Solar Oven, without added heat
   * No plastic waste was generated 
   * No toxic chemicals were used


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