Tinker’s Bells

Tinker’s Bells are made with handmade yarns, found treasures and upcycled and handmade beads.

Accesoiry or NECESSITY

I love to design things that are beautiful, magical, inspiring and sparkly but have function as well. Living off grid, mobile most of my life, I appreciate things that have more than one function. Tinker’s Bells are all that. They have function, multiple even.

Marieke Ninaber, Fairy Godmother at Fairy TAIL

Tinker’s Bells can be worn as a jewel in your hair, on your arm or in your Virus Shawl or any other open crocheted piece of clothing.

They aren’t as fragile as they look. They are actually very well suited for a off grid, outdoor lifestyle. I love to wear them from summer to winter, always visible. They make a good use to tie up my hair, or tie my shawls snugly around me.

Tinker’s Bells aren’t fixed pieces of art either, the wire in them makes them malleable and changeable. Like a Bouquet you can manipulate the flowers and make your own bouquet. This playing with them is for me also a function: they inspire me, and give me a visual stim.

Marieke Ninaber, Fairy Godmother at Fairy TAIL

Little Bells

Tinker’s Bells are called that way because they all have a little subtle bell and tinkle a little bit, it is like a Fairy sits on your shoulder. And Tinker because of how they are made.


Handspun yarns were used. Made from hand dyed wool, carded into pretty art batts, and spun by hand. All wool is mulesing free, and dyed as sustainable as possible.

All the beads are either handmade or up cycled from found treasure in my inheritance of my mother, found jewelry on the street (washed before use off course) or second hand.

Only a few materials were necessary to combine all this together into these little Tinker’s Bells.

Tinker is a name for my kind of people, the best description I have ever found for what I do and how I live is determined by this term. Tinkering is finding stuff and creating new things from them. Like Fairies know how to do.

Creative process

Tinker’s Bells take me a long, long, looooong time to create. Each and everyone of them has been designed in my head years ago. I have carried around all the lost and found treasure, beads stash from my late mother and so many beads and buttons for a very long time. In that time I was homeless at times. And or living without money. In a van, a hut, a tent, and I even saved my collection from the demolishment of my first home.

I have learned and perfected how to spin these yarns in a span of 2 years. In the meanwhile learning about bead embroidery and polymer clay. Now I finally have made the things I designed more than over 10 years ago. A tribute to my mom who learned me how to tinker and crochet. A tribute to my father who learned me how to make everything yourself. A tribute to my partner Ilja, who helped me with achieving this dream. And all my friends who kept on believing in me and my tinkering skills.

And finally they have arrived!

We proudly present our Tinker’s Bells to you:


Price of a Tinker’s Bell vary between €175 and €300.

Shop now for the ones we allready made. Or tell us what you would like your Tinker’s Bell to look like and we custom make yours.

Contact form for commission:

We will contact you for more information once the form is send.

DIY your Own

If you want to make your own designs, we have a webshop were we sell the handspun yarns, buttons and beads and for spinners even the wool we use. Can’t crochet? No worries, contact me and I will crochet the base for you.

Patterns will be available this summer, keep posted!

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