Shop Updates!!! And NEW Product Launch!
All Unicorn Barf this month!

We have done some Shop Updates to include our new colours, yarns and recipe.

The Yarn itself

The newest yarn is called Unicorn Barf Yarn, and it is Gorgeous! I am not lying. It is amazing. Do you want your own: buy here:

Or make it yourself:

Recipe including package with everything you need can ne bought here:


And for the ultimate fans: we have made some Gift Bags that contain lots of more fibers. For as much as 300 grams of Unicorn Barf. They sell out fast, and they are limited edition. So order yours now!

the Cloud 9 Collection

Unicorn Barf Yarn is made with our newest TEXTURED batts that include Wool Nepps, Super Soft natural Wool Locks and off course a bit of glittery Angelina. The new Batt Collection is called: Cloud 9. Because it is sooo delicious.

The first three are being launched today! Take a look:

The base of the yarn is our favourite Unicorn Rainbow Roving. Get your hands on one now! They are in stock this month!!

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